The iCAN Team is a group of dedicated and passionate professionals who each bring their own unique style to their work. 

HONESTY, PASSION and KINDNESS are the pillars that support all of our work.

We are each committed to bringing OUR BEST to every facet of this company. Our easy-going, friendly, FAMILY VIBE infuses all of our work and is exemplified in the LASTING CONNECTIONS and PARTNERSHIPS we’ve made.

Saul Kaye

Saul Kaye

Founder, CEO

Ever since Saul  remembers he  has looked at a business and tried to break it down to understand it and figure out how to optimize it. He loves to improve a good idea and make it great. Saul understands that there is a fine balance between perfection and delivery – and drives hard to execute. 

More about Saul

He has  been blessed with several successes in his career. His experience in pharma and customer service has given him a hard learned perspective that good customer service and a valued product are keys to business success. He has  learned a great deal about humility and success.

The cannabis industry has been Saul’s most fast paced, action filled adventure to date. He loves the ability to make real change in the world and the ability to apply his  unique take on this awesome field.

Saul is  very proud of Cannatech, his team’s  first big initiative in this space and I is excited about establishing a global brand infrastructure that will shape the cannabis space.

To be an ambassador for entrepreneurship and Israel is amazing to me as I am not a public person – but the cause is so powerful I am grateful to take a stand

I love my family, I love to camp, fish and read and I look forward to my kids growing up in a new world, and knowing that I had a little to do with it.

Yaron Eshel

Yaron Eshel

Director of Life Sciences

Yaron brings together 15 years of experience in Life Sciences innovation. With experience in development, compliance, and operations, Yaron has worked within Israeli start-ups as well as consulted for them. 

More about Yaron

Yaron has navigated the US, European, Israeli and Australian regulatory agencies including the registration of manufacturing facilities in the US, Central America, Israel and Australia to GMP levels. 
Yaron has led clinical trials in the US, Europe and Israel as well as worked with CRO’s all over the world.

Sari Klaff

Sari Klaff

VP of CannaTech

Born in British Columbia, Canada, Sari has arrived in Israel via Vancouver, Toronto, and Baltimore, each leaving its unique stamp on her. Sari first lived in Israel as a teen, eventually marrying and settling in the country, which won her over with its determination and boundless passion, traits that very much describe Sari to a tee.

More about Sari

Sari’s work experience spans varying sectors, from cyber-security to the culinary arts, and from e-books to the defence industry. Along the way, she has been enriched both by her responsibilities and by the accomplished professionals from whom she has learned so much. Her current foray into the cannabis industry has proven equally fascinating and rewarding.

Sari’s role as wife and mother is ultimately her greatest accomplishment, followed closely by her reputation as a loyal, hard-working employee. But she also takes pride in her passionate turns as an avid gardener, chef, environmentalist, rock music enthusiast, and admitted candyholic.

Sari’s life motto: We are the sum total of all our experiences.

Joshua Berman

Joshua Berman

Business Development

Joshua grew up in the mountains and forests of the Pacific Northwest. He moved to Israel with his family in 2003. Joshua has worked in e-commerce, local SEO and information marketing for over 10 years. Inspired by the legal and growing Cannabis industry in the US – Joshua began looking for opportunities in Cannabis.

More about Joshua

It was not until early 2015 when Joshua was introduced to Saul Kaye (CEO and Founder of iCAN) that he learned the immense contribution Israel has made within the global Cannabis market. Joshua joined iCAN almost immediately.

Joshua is passionate about building bridges and forging relationships between Israel and the rest of the global market as well as specifically showcasing Israeli innovation.

When not working, Joshua enjoys time with his family, wandering the ancient hills around his home and making wine.

Sarah Zadok

Sarah Zadok


Sarah is a Southern Californian native who threw down roots in Israel with her husband in 1999 – they’ve grown to a family of seven since then. She has created content, curriculum, and marketed ideas for the last 18 years as an educator, public speaker and published writer, both in the US and in Israel.

More about Sarah

Sarah is,  (among many things) a lover of people and a talker. Age and experience has made her good listener too. Sarah was introduced to the value of medical of cannabis in 2011 after nearly a year of care-taking a very close friend with cancer. That opened her  eyes to the healing power of cannabis and the need for more education and solid re-branding efforts to allow this plant medicine to do what it does best: Help people feel better. She  redirected her skills as a communicator and content creator towards the medical cannabis community. She hit the ground running with the iCAN team towards the end of 2015 and hasn’t looked back.

When Sarah is  not writing or collaborating on a project, she is  likely on her porch in the Golan Heights with her family and a shot of bourbon (or in the kitchen cooking up a storm). She is known to infuse all of her work with equal measure of heart, sweat and soul.

Liron Drezner

Liron Drezner

Senior Project Manager Life Sciences

Liron was born and bred in Jerusalem. Her passion for biology, lead her to both Ariel University and Hebrew University where she devoted herself to the study of biotechnology and management, graduating with a degree in Chemistry and Biotech and earning a M.Sc in Technology Management. Liron spent 13 years in project management in the biotech sphere. 

More about Liron
Liron’s dedication to science and technology brought her to Hadassah hospital, working as a senior manager of clinical studies. A few years into her work with pharmaceuticals, she realized she wanted to shift her focus and energy towards the food supplement field.She partnered with colleagues and they crowdfunded enough capital to open the only blood testing lab of its kind in Israel focused testing for the presence of Omega 3. 
As cannabis study in Israel began to pick up steam, Liron understood the value she could offer to the israel-cannabis ecosystem. Her unique experience working in food supplements, pharmaceuticals, management and clinical studies serve as a rich foundation in her current role at iCAN as a senior project manager. Liorn’s hope is to raise clinical research and product development to the highest possible standard, allowing patients to receive the best treatment possible. Healthy living and healthy eating are of prime importance.
Reavis Daniel Moore

Reavis Daniel Moore

Managing Director of iCAN Services

Reavis brings a lifetime of experience as an advisor and entrepreneur to his role leading iCAN Services. In 2011, after 35 years in the music industry in LA and NYC, he made the transition to cannabis as a partner in Deep Green, the first cannabis conference held in the San Francisco area. Since then he has advised numerous companies in California, Israel and Europe, as well as starting a few of his own. Beyond business, he is also known to be a raconteur and reveler of high repute.

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