One mom’s mission to endorse medical cannabis as a medication for severely autistic kids

Autism Advocate Abigail Dar with her son, Yuval

Autism Advocate Abigail Dar with her son, Yuval

Abigail’s 23 year-old son Yuval is severely autistic. There are no drugs to treat autism and in severe cases, anti-psychotic medications are prescribed to help alleviate behavioral issues, though many patients suffer devastating side effects as a result. Living in Israel, medical cannabis is available by prescription to alleviate the symptoms of certain diseases, though it is yet to be recognized as an alternative medication for autism, particularly for children. Abigail is currently raising funds to co-ordinate a study of approximately 60 autistic children, who will be given cannabis, track their usage, and record any side effects.

“Our family, along with countless others, have endured years of agony when our kids suffer from the side effects of anti-psychotics – they can’t describe what is happening to them and in turn, they go crazy,” says Abigail. “We know that in many cases, cannabis has helped and that the whole plant is required, not just CBD. We need more time to gather more data and produce a proper medical paper. Luckily Israel has a very liberal and supportive policy towards medical cannabis so my efforts will be considered.”

Attracting thought leaders from Israel and around the world, CannaTech, powered by iCAN:israel-cannabis, has become a preeminent industry event, creating synergies and accelerating collaborations across cannabis science and business.

“CannaTech provides an ideal platform for me to increase awareness of my campaign and make change happen, placing me directly in front of leading doctors, scientists, pharma experts and regulators,” adds Abigail.

Mom and special needs advocate Mieko Hester-Perez will also be sharing her autistic son’s success with medical cannabis at the conference. Combining 20 years of legal experience and over 15 years of special education knowledge, Mieko became a “warrior mom” within the industry, was awarded the Evelyn DuPont Award for improving the lives of children with autism, and has been recognized by US Congress for her work.

Abigail and Mieko will be joined on stage by Janie Maedler, a medical cannabis advocate whose fight for her daughter Rylie’s cannabis medication was the driving force behind Rylie’s Law (Delaware’s Pediatric MMJ Law) and SB181 (known as Delaware’s Pediatric MMJ School Law) which were passed unanimously. (An unprecedented event in the U.S.)

The CannaTech Innovation Summit takes place at Trask, Tel Aviv, Israel on 20-21 March 2017. View the speaker list, agenda and book tickets.

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