Ecosystems speak to the heart of INTERCONNECTIVITY and COLLABORATION, and is the guiding concept behind the design and production of CannaTech. We provide a rich, supportive environment that allows the real influencers in this space to SHOWCASE their work,CONNECT and collaborate.

We are amazed by some of the incredible SOLUTIONS that exist in the cannabis space. There are some brilliant and fast growing parts of the medical cannabis world. CANNATECH is the place where industry leaders and influencers gather to share their specific area of expertise. Be it a speciality in the life sciences, tech development, environmental solutions, genetic seed research, legal services, a speciality in pediatric disease and treatment, data collection, regulatory developments, AgTech, patient care, investment guidance or product development and positioning… we all function as unique, invaluable parts of the greater industry whole – WE EACH HAVE AN ESSENTIAL ROLE in the cannabis ecosystem.

CANNATECH is the place to meet and connect with key players in this dynamic industry. It’s the place to see them on stage, showcasing their finest goods. It’s also the place to SHARE A DRINK with them off stage, share some of your IDEAS in real time with the people who are making a huge and POSITIVE IMPACT on the future of the global cannabis marketplace. CannaTech is where the MAGIC OF THE ECOSYSTEM is revealed in real time.


“CannaTech set the bar high. Other conference organizers should take note, CannaTech is a force to be reckoned with. The speakers were top notch, and the content was fresh. The audience was engaged, the speakers were illuminating, and the energy was palpable. Everyone from industry veterans to new entrants had a lot to gain from being at CannaTech. ”

Amanda Ostrowitz

Esq. / CannaRegs

I left the conference with a feeling that I had participated in a watershed moment, and, at long last, cannabis has really and truly moved into the mainstream of science, medical endeavor and business. We will look back on CannaTech in years to come and say that this was the moment that it all came together.

Dr. Joe Wyse

Partner, Head of Patent Dept. / Bressler IP

What we are witnessing right now in the mainstreaming of marijuana is both a cultural and drug war revolution merging to a spiritual awakening from human beings around the world whose hearts and souls have been touched by this miraculous plant we call cannabis.

Cheryl Shuman

The level of sophistication here [at the convention], the fact that everyone wants to be successful, that’s what the industry has been missing

Rick Gilchrist

When I first heard about CannaTech, I knew we had to be there. We needed to show how CDRMed would change the face of medicine – or so is the plan. Technology being applied to Cannabis is the heart of the medical model for acceptance by physicians. CannaTech was the perfect platform as they sought out the best and the brightest in the field of cannabinoid medicine. Aunt Zelda’s is honored to be a part of the CannaTech family, and hope to be back next year!

Mara Gordon

Israel is right on the cusp of being able to grab hold of this entire industry and become the real mecca for marijuana research.

Dr. Suzanne Sisley




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There’s lots to know! We want to save you some time by providing you with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s something else you’d like to know.

What is CannaTech?

CannaTech is an event platform designed to bring the global cannabis ecosystem together in one, amazing place. CannaTech features presentations from international cannabis industry leaders and provides the space for true collaboration between multidisciplinary fields. CannaTech is more than just an event…it’s a community of like minded professionals who work together to change cannabis perception and deliver exceptional products and services to the global market.

Who is CannaTech for?

CannaTech is for anyone with a stake in the cannabis industry – whether you are a grower, a doctor, a scientist, an investor and entrepreneur, a patient or simply someone looking on from the sidelines interested in learning more about the multi-dimensions of this exciting industry. CannaTech is indeed for all cannabis professionals and enthusiasts who want to become a part of this growing global cannabis ecosystem.

How do I sign up for this event?

Quick you still have time to catch the early bird special! Tickets are on sale NOW!! Visit our event site and lock in your attendance!


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