The road to cannabis regulation isn’t often smooth. Sharren Haskel, Likud Party Knesset member, has been fighting for wiser, more inclusive and more compassionate legislation in Israel for the last couple of years. Although change in Israel has been small where the public sector is concerned, no one can deny that she, and other policy influencers like her, have indeed created change. From forming a caucus on medical cannabis, to writing the bills that allow more patients access to medicine, to creating the legislation towards decriminalization of cannabis in Israel…she has fought.   
What is the lesson for us non-party members? What can we learn form her example? MK Haskell has maintained a very clear mission from the get-go. “Patients deserve safe access to clinically proven health care options.” Sharren tuned into the voice of the public sector and allowed their voices, the patients’ voices young and old to drive that fight for change. We are proud to have had MK Haskel give the opening remarks at CannaTech Tel Aviv this past March 2017.
“When you have a vision and you are willing to fight for what you believe is right, no matter how much people will tell you, ‘No, No, No!’ Continue to push forward. This is something we can actually do together.” – Sharren Haskel. 



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