Steep Hill Labs, Inc., the world’s leading cannabis science and technology company with significant footprints in lab testing, research and development, licensing, genetics, and remote testing has entered a joint venture with iCAN:Israel-Cannabis to leverage Steep Hill’s science, IP, methodology, global collaboration and brand. The announcement was made at CannaTech, Israel’s premier medical cannabis conference.  

Steep Hill is one of a handful of leading cannabis genetic research labs with the ability to assist growers with marker assisted breeding.  In partnership with iCAN, they will open an analytical, genetic, and R&D lab in Israel to further research the cannabis plant.  

Cannabis data analysis will take the medicinal cannabis industry to the next level. Steep Hill Israel will empower growers with the technology to breed specific strains, based on genetics and expected chemical profiles for specific patient conditions/diseases.    Steep Hill’s collaborative research will provide the knowledge about the cannabis plant and its active compounds to be fully understood, and no longer demonized and misunderstood.  Furthermore, DNA based testing; can be used not only for genetic analysis and strain identification, but also for safety and quality assurance.    

“We believe that Israel is the epicenter of cannabis research and development.  We look forward to its role in leading the evolution of medical cannabis worldwide,” said Jmichaele Keller, CEO of Steep Hill Labs.

“iCAN is excited by its partnership with Steep Hill Labs because it gives us a technological advantage over everyone else in the industry. Steep Hill is the leading analytical lab in the United States, setting the standards for the industry. We see cannabis analysis as an enormous gateway to big data and machine learning algorithms which we can turn into commercialized global products set at Israeli standards.”

Simultaneous to this announcement, Steep Hill is announcing Xcerpa™, a game-changing technology that facilitates the legal, global transport and long term storage of cannabis DNA.  Steep Hill has exclusive global rights to the technology which impregnates a card with a DNA sample, allowing Steep Hill Israel to work on DNA and tie in genetic research around the globe.



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