Vegetables, herbs and flowers are a common commodity consumed by people all over the world. Growers have always faced challenges throughout the growing process. These challenges can stem from issues as varied as climate conditions, government limitations, plant diseases to financial issues.  These issues have led growers and researchers to seek out the best methods to improve the quality of crops and their taste, increase the yield, reduce the growing cost.

Many cannabis growers only experienced growing on a smaller scale mainly because of issues relating to the legality of growing and selling cannabis. This subsequently led to low demand and the reluctance of people to enter this field either as growers or end consumers.

Today however, we are witnessing a worldwide change when many governments take steps to make the growing of cannabis legal. Accordingly, the demand for cannabis products are growing thus leading growers to expand into commercial growing. The big question is: can methods which work in small scale growing also work in commercial growing facilities?

The answer is NO.

Large growing facilities require adoption of technology and system that can support the size and the higher amount of plants, water and all other requirement during the growing time. DryGair Energies has a patent protected solution for the high humidity problem in commercial greenhouses. It was originally oriented toward traditional –highly sensitive crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, basil and very quickly began working with commercial cannabis growers as well. The DryGair solution is the first dehumidifier specifically designed for agriculture, to answer the plants’ needs. Cannabis is highly sensitive to humidity, an instigator of diseases that can’t be prevented using pesticides since the plant is used for medical purposes and should meet strict regulations and high standards. DryGair’s professional team has years of experience with humidity diseases and cannabis crop which we share with our users.

Knowledge is power. Knowing and understanding the problems of growing many cannabis plants in big closed facilities lead to finding creative solutions that can incorporate the different aspects of growing in a greenhouse. DryGair’s concept is based not only on humidity levels but it also takes into consideration additional factors,  the time of day, radiation, irrigation, screens, windows operation etc. This broad perspective that encompasses the many different aspects of growing is what makes DryGair an efficient growing tool with many additional benefits such as costs reduction, increase in yield and healthier and greener products.

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