To the 119 people (yes, I counted) who have reached out to me personally over the last 18 months looking for work or entry to the cannabis space. This post is for you.

This is not a sales letter.

This is me, telling you what I actually think about your potential employment in this extraordinary industry.

The cannabis space is booming. This we know. Never before, in the history of the industrialized world has cannabis had more to offer. If you have any interest in cannabis as a tool for wellness, whether “recreational” or “medical” wellness, the inroads to a more or less ‘mainstream’ career in the cannabis industry are as wide open as they will ever be.

Some of you are post-grad, looking to make your next moves. Some of you are postdoctoral (woo-hoo!), post army (thank you), post trauma (bless you) looking for an opportunity in research marketing or patient care. Some of you have worked in agriculture for years, some of you are quite simply “go getters” just looking for a chance to get started with something bigger than yourself. Maybe patient advocacy is your wheel house, maybe you’re a tech head, maybe you write killer code, or have a knack for great messaging, international policy….the opportunities available in the global cannabis space are really only limited to the imagination (and the successful execution of that imagination). My point is: if you have a unique skill set and are willing to work, there is great hope for you in this industry.

That’s where CannaTech comes in. No, we’re still not hiring at this moment, but, we do have an amazing opportunity to offer you.

We’ve got your back, friends.  

We believe that there is no better, more inclusive or direct way to immerse yourself in all of the most important areas of this industry than a live event series. That is why we created CannaTech; to gather and showcase the creme de la creme of this global community and to share their expertise with you.

Quite simply, there is no better opportunity to meet, to learn from, to engage with or share a drink  with the real drivers of this industry. CannaTech will introduce you to the researchers, practitioners and business leaders that are quite literally shaping the future of cannabis medicine. World wide.

Am I promising you a job? Nope. That’s up to you, the powers of the universe and HR.

But, I am offering you a seat at an exclusive table of international superstars of the cannabis industry. CannaTech is like a backstage pass to connectivity and opportunity. This space is moving fast, if you do want to get in, you’ve to get up to date, and quick. CannaTech is the most current, most relevant, highest level delivery of cannabis conversation out there.  

In other words: You’ve got to be there.

There has never been a better time to step into this space. This is the time. CannaTech is the ultimate context, a masterfully curated, live-event designed to inspire, empower and connect you to the latest trends and to the business leaders and craftsmen and women who set those standards across the globe.

If you are looking to make a contribution to the the cannabis space, large or small, CannaTech is huge, maybe even vital for your development in this field. CannaTech is the place to get the freshest, most current, relevant and specific perspective on what is happening and what will happen next in the the global cannabis industry.

We all have a lot going on in our lives and we need to be really strategic about how we spend our time and how we spend our money. And, yes, CannaTech is a big ticket price. It’s pricey, because we understand its value and we know how much value CannaTech will add to your business and to your life.

We’re less than a month away, and it’s time people. If you’re serious about a future in the cannabis industry, CannaTech is your ticket.

The industry is pivoting fast and we’re building this together together, from the ground up. If that idea interests you, if you feel like you have something unique to offer this field, to offer the world, then, my friend, we welcome you to CannaTech.

We have a 25% discount to offer you. CANNA25 Don’t hesitate to reach out with more questions.

See you there.




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