Inbal Sikorin, co-founder of Niamedic Healthcare and Research Clinics, presents the challenges of treating an aging population and her clinical experience in addressing such issues with medical cannabis.

Inbal Sikorin, Co-Founder, NiaMedic

Inbal Sikorin, Co-Founder, NiaMedic

Inbal Sikorin, head nurse at Niamedic Healthcare and Research Clinics and pioneer in treating the elderly with medical cannabis, presents Niamedic’s medical and research platform at this year’s CannaTech Innovation Summit, Israel’s premier international conference showcasing Cannabis innovation, which is taking place in Tel Aviv, March 20-21, 2017.

Inbal is a world-renowned expert with years of experience in treating and counseling geriatric patients with medical cannabis, originally at Hadarim nursing home at Kibbutz Na’an and then with medical cannabis supplier Tikkun Olam. Together with Nir Dror and Alon Blatt, Inbal founded Niamedic Healthcare and Research Clinics in Tel Aviv earlier this year, the first of its kind to offer medical cannabis to patients as part of their conventional healthcare, with a unique integrated research platform.

Niamedic’s team of geriatric specialists, pain doctors, neurologists, nurses and paramedical staff provides a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach, taking a variety of factors into consideration prior to treating with medical cannabis, notably a patient’s condition, ailments, other medications, and family situation. Every treatment process, including medication, results and aftercare, is documented in the clinic’s integrated research platform, creating an extensive resource from which to leverage better treatment. Niamedic also offers contract research services and a facility for those wishing to test products or strains.

“Most of our patients are very old, with several complex medical issues. We evaluate whether medical cannabis can be part of their medical treatment and whether their medical condition falls under the Ministry of Health’s list of indications,” says Inbal. “So far the results have been fantastic – we’re witnessing significant improvement as the treatment has majorly enhanced their quality of life. Patients with tremendous pain and severe medical problems have recovered. Major improvements in eating and sleeping have occurred with noticeable reductions in pain, associated symptoms and required intake of medications.”

Inbal joins other medical practitioners speaking at CannaTech 2017, powered by iCan: Israel Cannabis, including Professor Reuven Or of Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem, and family physician Dr. Michael Dor.

Adds Inbal, “CannaTech will always hold a special place in our hearts. Alon and I met at last year’s event, and, once we partnered with Nir, the idea of Niamedic became a work in progress. We see so much suffering, and it’s great to be part of the medical cannabis revolution here in Israel in treating the elderly and contributing to research that brings about such positive change to people’s lives.”

The CannaTech Innovation Summit takes place at Trask, Tel Aviv, Israel on March 20-21, 2017. View the speaker list, agenda and book tickets.



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