Doron Friedman, Ph.D, Scientific Director, Kanabo Research

Doron Friedman, Ph.D, Scientific Director, Kanabo Research

Pharma and life sciences industry veteran Dr. Doron Friedman dives into existing drug delivery technologies for the oral bioavailability of cannabinoids

Dr. Doron Friedman explores the integration of pharmaceutical technologies and delivery systems into the evolving medical cannabis industry at this year’s CannaTech Innovation Summit, Israel’s premier international conference showcasing cannabis innovation, taking place in Tel Aviv, March 20-21, 2017.

Having spent the last 30 years as a formulation scientist and entrepreneur in small pharmaceutical startups, Dr. Friedman is now solely focused on creating pharmaceutical-grade formulations for medical cannabis. Dr. Friedman served in a directorial role at Pharmos Corp, a listed bio-pharmaceutical company based in the US, prior to founding Foamix (NASDAQ: FOMX), where, as CTO, he managed product development with major pharmaceutical companies. The author of more than 80 granted patents and 20 peer-reviewed published articles, Dr. Friedman is a recognized expert in bio-pharmaceutics, drug delivery systems, pharmaceutical formulation and oral drug absorption.

Dr. Friedman is currently Scientific Director of Kanabo Research, a biotech startup developing pioneering solutions for the cannabis industry, where he is helping to develop safer cannabis compositions for vaporizers, as well as unique cannabis compositions for treating neurodegenerative (CNS) disorders. He is developing a high dose CBD capsule as a self-emulsifying delivery system while also conducting clinical studies for treating neuro-psychiatric disorders with medical cannabis at the Geha Mental Health Center, Petach Tikvah, together with Prof. Gal Shoval and Dr. Gilad Eger.

“The medical cannabis industry is very much in its infancy in many areas, including drug delivery; however, a few of us with pharmaceutical backgrounds are now applying our knowledge and experience to this burgeoning sector, setting standards to create smarter, more sophisticated systems to ensure safe, measured doses and standardized extracts,” says Dr. Friedman. “It’s no real surprise that cannabis possesses multiple therapeutic benefits – more than 30% of current medications, including many big industry blockbusters, are derivatives of natural products.”

Dr. Friedman is one of many leading researchers, scientists and pharma experts gathering at CannaTech 2017, powered by iCAN: Israel Cannabis, including Dr. Dedi Meiri of the Technion’s Cancer Research laboratory; Dr. Bill Levine, Executive Chairman of CannRX Technology; and Dr. Yasmin Hurd, Professor of Psychiatry, Neuroscience and Pharmacological Sciences at Icahn School of Medicine in New York.

I’m a newcomer to the cannabis industry, and I’m excited to meet the community and collaborate at CannaTech,” adds Dr. Friedman. “Over the next 5-10 years, I expect the industry to consolidate with clear regulations enforced, and this event is the precursor, discussing what’s now and next in cannabis.”

The CannaTech Innovation Summit takes place at Trask, Tel Aviv, Israel on March 20-21, 2017. View the speaker list, agenda and book tickets.



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