Lilach Mazor Power, founder of world-first cannabis wellness centers, talks business and branding

Lilach Mazor Power, M.D., founder of Giving Tree Wellness Center

Lilach Mazor Power, M.D., founder of Giving Tree Wellness Center

Entering the medical cannabis scene six years ago, Lilach and her business partner overcame a variety of challenges to create the first ever wellness center cum dispensary concept, providing high quality alternative care, education and support to patients. Opening initially in Phoenix in 2013, a subsequent retail outlet in Mesa three months later and 15,000 square feet of cultivation, Lilach is one of the most experienced executives in the sector.

An Israeli native, Lilach closely follows the latest medical cannabis research from her birthplace to ensure she can provide the best advice possible to her patients to help improve their lives, be it optimal strains or drug delivery systems. Lilach also emphasizes the importance of building brand loyalty amongst her customer base prior to the onset of big pharma and tobacco players.

Cutting-edge Israeli medical technology, agri-tech and scientific research leads the world in cannabis innovation. Israeli entrepreneurship and Start-Up Nation mentality has tapped into fastest growing global industry, already worth billions of dollars a year and which is poised to explode.

“Cannatech is the only event that puts all aspects of the industry together in one place – the research, innovation and business,” said Lilach. “Plus, you time-travel into the future and find out what’s next in this fast-changing space.”

Other cannabis entrepreneurs providing insight at the event include Jonathan Ofir, Founder and CEO of Leaf, Avihu Tamir, CEO of Kanabo Research. This entrepreneur panel will be moderated by the remarkable Nava Swersky Sofer, Managing Director of IDC Beyond, IDC Herzliya’s new Presidential Programme designed to empower participants to develop and launch innovative ventures that apply exponential technologies to help solve 21st century global challenges. She brings over 25 years of international experience as an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, senior executive, and innovation & technology commercialization expert.

CannaTech Innovation Summit takes place at Trask, Tel Aviv, Israel on 20-21 March 2017. View the speaker list, agenda and book tickets.

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